Opening Hours

We look forward to welcoming you here for our extended summer hours: 

Thursday: 11am - 4pm 
Friday: 11am -  7pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm
Sunday: 11am - 5pm
Monday:  11am - 4pm


Rugged. Sophisticated. Scott Base.

Scott Base, our place.  Soak up the views, the changing beauty of the landscape, savour the charming and rustic atmosphere.  Enjoy with a beautiful wine or craft beer in hand, relax and celebrate with friends and family, enjoy the bounty and hospitality of our Central Otago at our Cromwell winery.

Our wines

Our single vineyard wine range is carefully crafted to hero that distinctly Central Otago flavour.  Each vintage may only come in limited quantities, but every bottle is packed with the experience and enthusiasm that comes from many years of winemaking.

Until now Scott Base Vineyard has been the “best kept secret”.  In their Kiwi way, the Scott Family stands quietly proud of what a great wine it is. 


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